Assess flood risk and plan for sea level rise using, real-time data,powerful cloud-computing, and dynamic mapping.

Evaluate Climate Risk Prepare Mitigation Plans

The Vizonomy Climate Risk PlatformTM puts US Government data in your hands. Search +70 data layers, import your local data, analyze economic losses by scenario, develop real-time weather alerts and create dynamic hazard risk assessment for your community. Whether you’re a government official in planning, transportation, emergency response, or sustainability, our data and platform can help.

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Climate Risk Planning 2.0 for your Community

Modular Design

Allows for quick-access to your desired risk assessment – by building, city, or sector. View local climate conditions will change over time.

Spatial Analytics

No more desktop-based GIS software. Run spatial queries, identify assets at risk, and develop customizable reports on your reliable cloud-based platform.

Import your Data

Transform your data into insight. Incorporate more flood scenarios, buildings, and other layers for a more enriched analysis that maximizes the value of your data.

Multiple Layers

Subscribe to get access to your community’s risk. Our enterprise architecture setup ensures your data is always available and is up-to-date, all while maximizing performance.

Dedicated Support

Get an exclusive communication channel with our team for speedy support. Rely on our climate adaption partners for local assistance.

Real-time Data

Rely on real-time data connections to our data source, OpenStreet Map, and weather feeds so that your analysis remains always relevant.

Scenario Planning
Dynamic Interface

What is the FEMA flood zone for a building? What is the 100YR flood loss for a coastal home? How many miles of roadway is exposed to a sea level rise scenario? Whether it’s supporting a hazard mitigation plan to identify long-term strategies for risk reduction, increasing public awareness to build public infrastructure support, or assessing federal compliance against the new flood risk management standards for government buildings, our platform provides a reliable and powerful solution for cities of all sizes.


Analysis: Leverage FEMA standardsfor economic losses

Rely on more than 700 depth-damage methods for estimating direct economic losses by structure, neighborhood, or city. Perform analysis quickly and intuitively. Designed for planners, emergency managers, transportation specialists, and sustainability officers.

Visualize: Communicate results effectively

Fluidly navigate dozens of data layers for your community – from OpenStreet Map, NOAA, the US Census, and your local GIS agency. Export your results to PDF or share online to increase awareness and build support for your mitigation project.

Analytics based on your preference

Modular design to power assessments for any level and area.

Building Level Analysis

Estimate direct economic losses at the building level from sea level rise and current 100yr and 500yr flood scenarios.

City Level Analysis

Generate a summary of infrastructure assets, demographics, and buildings at risk to sea level rise, and flooding at the neighborhood or city level.

Climate Variables Module

Generate forecast precipitation and temperature scenarios based on greenhouse gas concentration trajectories until 2099.

Real-Time Weather Alerts

Receive trigger alerts based on upcoming weather events for immediate planning and emergency response.

Sector Level Analysis

Observe which infrastructure assets across 15 sectors are exposed to sea level rise adn flood risk.