Start with data from multiple sources

Cities have data. Lots of it. This includes spatial files like building parcels, bus stations, schools, population data, floodplain scenarios. Add terrain, property values, and other tax assessment data, and it can difficult to develop a risk assessment or hazard mitigation plan.
This is how Vizonomy can help.

Data Sources

Detailed infrastructure data powered by Government, including the Department of Transportation, the U.S. Census, FEMA, NOAA and others. We supplement this data with OpenStreet Map (which helps drive Apple Maps). And if that isn’t enough, we allow users to import their own hazard scenarios or infrastructure assets. In short, we cover our bases – quickly, reliably, and securely.

35 layers from federal agencies

Leverage 100YR and 500YR floodplains from FEMA, 1-6ft sea level rise scenarios from NOAA, the national bridge inventory and highway planning network, and more…

Global data powered by OSM

More than 25 million miles of roads, 126 million building footprints, and 2,000,000 user helping building the most comprehensive global map.

Local data from your community

Import your local data into Vizonomy. Include additional hazard scenarios (e.g. landslides, floodplains, earthquake maps, etc…) or more detailed asset information.

Critical infrastructure

Include assets across transportation, finance, government, commercial, water, communications, education, emergency services, flood protection, and public health.


Assess vulnerable population based on age, race, family income and other key attributes, according to the 2015 American Community Survey and 2010 US Census.

Natural Hazards

Use the most recent national flood hazard layer for your community. Or, select other hazard scenarios based on our network of data provides.

Open-data built.
Local Data enhanced.

Cities are growing organisms. More roads, new businesses, and renovated neighborhoods make tracking resiliency a challenge. The data is always changing. For this reason, Vizonomy connects to data sources in real-time, when possible. This ensures that you have the most accurate assessment.

Bring your own data

Import your own data through Vizonomy and composit them for rapid visualization and download. Develop APIs to connect to location-based intelligence tools.

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